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10 Best Digital Nomad Jobs in 2022

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Being a digital nomad gives you the freedom to travel and work from wherever and whenever you want. This enhances personal development and promotes financial independence while allowing you to understand different cultures and make new friends from across the globe. You need a strong and reliable internet connection and a computer/ laptop to work as a digital nomad.

While being a digital nomad is a dream come true for most people, you should consider taxes, quality of life, cost of living, transportation, and housing before becoming one. Look for the right balance between high quality of life and a low cost of living as you juggle transportation options and tax rules. Digital nomads have multiple work options that can help them thrive while working remotely. This article discusses the ten best digital nomad jobs in 2022.

1. Content Marketer

Content marketing involves creating engaging content that drives sales, including visual, video, and print content. Content marketers develop content to boost a company’s reputation, create exposure, build and grow relationships with their audience, promote products and services, and stay connected with prospective customers. Content marketing is a good prospect for digital nomads because it’s a growing industry. You can earn good pay and build various skills, including writing, research, SEO, strategic, marketing, and promotion skills.

In the content marketing career path, you can work as a content specialist, content marketer, content strategist, content marketing manager, or content marketing director. To begin your content marketing career:

  • Learn how content marketing works
  • Work on your writing skills
  • Become a certified content marketer
  • Create a blog
  • Build your keyword research skills
  • Familiarize yourself with popular content types and how to create them
  • Build an online reputation
  • Look for an entry-level content marketing position at CopyPress or any other content marketing company

2. Blogger

Blogging can be quite a rewarding career. It lets you express yourself while sharing your knowledge, refining your writing skills, making money online, and building a professional network. As a blogger, you’ll create posts that resonate with your audience while ensuring they’re informative, inspiring, helpful, and entertaining. You may also have to pitch and generate ideas, market content to your target audience, research, and create a blog and social media content.

Considering a large number of bloggers in the market today, being a successful blogger requires you to stand out from the crowd. Consider finding ways to get noticed, focusing on a specific niche and mastering it, and learning from other bloggers to succeed in this field. Blogging can also help you earn exposure while becoming an industry authority, marketing your business, and building an online portfolio.

3. Web Developer

Web development is an excellent career for digital nomads. It requires you to possess JavaScript, CSS, and HTML skills. To become a web developer, learn web development fundamentals and select a development specialization, including back-end developer, front-end developer, and full-stack developer. Familiarize yourself with crucial web development programming languages and start building projects to grow your web developer skills.

Create a web developer portfolio showing off your best skills and what makes you stand out. Google, IBM, Apple, Costco, Nordstrom, Bancorp, Adobe, and JP Morgan Chase are some brands that hire web developers. You may also get a job developing mobile apps and eCommerce sites.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media managers develop strategies for increasing followers, developing and overseeing social media campaigns, reviewing analytics, reporting metrics to key company stakeholders, posting and tracking social media platforms, and producing content. To become a digital nomad social media manager, work on your skills in writing, editing, timeliness, and flexibility.

You should also understand different social media platforms and their weaknesses, strengths, user demographics, and more to manage accounts effectively. You apply for an entry-level social media marketing role, including social media associate, social media specialist, marketing assistant, digital content producer, or social media analyst to gain experience before looking for a managerial position.

5. SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist identifies strategies and techniques for increasing website visitors and getting top-ranking placement in SERPs. A successful digital nomad SEO specialist understands all three SEO levels: off-page optimization, technical SEO, and on-page SEO. They have savvy marketing minds and excellent communication and collaboration skills. As an SEO specialist, you can work as a search engine marketer, business marketing consultant, digital marketing manager, social media manager, and email marketing specialist. You may work with design, development, sales, customer service, and IT teams because SEO touches almost every part of a business website.

6. Freelance Writer

A freelance writing career is an excellent option for digital nomads. As a freelance writer, you’ll offer writing services to various clients and sometimes work across different genres creating content about any topic a client desires. You can also write magazine and newspaper articles, sell your stories to creative writing journals, or work as a content writer or copywriter for big and small brands.

To become a freelance writer, start by familiarizing yourself with the freelance writing industry. Build the necessary skills and equip yourself with the tools of the trade. Work on your writing skills, choose a niche, build a freelance writer portfolio, and market your writing services. Look for freelance writing opportunities and enjoy your digital nomadic lifestyle.

7. Customer Support Representative

A customer support representative interacts with clients to handle complaints, provides details about company products and services, responds to customer emails, and processes orders, payments, and invoices. There isn’t a minimum requirement for becoming a customer support representative. You can become a great customer service representative with a high school diploma and on-the-job training. You should be an excellent communicator who knows how to interact with people and has computer experience.

8. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visuals for all types of projects, including print and website ads. Using technology and art combination, the graphic designer uses various design elements to develop unique visuals for their clients. While your work largely depends on your client’s needs, you’ll generally create visual assets for supporting marketing campaigns, design graphic overlays for social media posts, formalize layouts for print ads, and retouch digital signage photos. As a graphic designer, you’ll develop layouts and images for:

  • Company brand identity
  • Product packaging
  • Website and app user interfaces
  • Video games
  • Transportation, stadiums, and stores signage
  • Commercials and advertisements

You may work as a freelancer or an in-house designer at a company or agency. Nomad graphic designers can work in web design firms, ad agencies, marketing firms, online publishers, non-profit organizations, or online retailers. A great graphic designer has skills like audience targeting, color theory, communication, computer-aided design, computerized sketching, layout, typeface design, and web development skills.

9. Online Tutor

Online tutors help students progress their learning via visual communication and other online resources based on the course content. As an online tutor, you’ll respond to student queries depending on the course content, grade student tests and assignments, maintain the required records, suggest curriculum or program improvements, and more. To become an online tutor, you must be an expert on the subjects you teach.

To become an excellent online tutor, you should be self-confident, patient, resourceful, professional, results-oriented, internet savvy, and compassionate. You can obtain your expertise through college degree programs or formal education. An employer may prefer a tutor with specific subject qualifications.

10. Translator

A translator is a multilingual professional who accurately converts written content from one language to another. As a translator, the text you translate should maintain the original document’s structure, tone, and style while interpreting expressions, slang, and cultural references. To work as a digital nomad translator, you must speak more than one language, possess the right skills, and meet the necessary experience requirements. You can become a financial, legal, literary, medical, or scientific translator.


Digital nomads successfully travel while working remotely. Familiarize yourself with the best digital nomad jobs in 2022. 

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