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5 Solopreneur Business Tips To Increase Your Earnings Streams

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Ready for the jaw to drop?

Did you know 73per cent of US-based companies are solo companies?

You can find 30.7 million solo businesses (and counting) in the us. Which’s simply in the United States.

Solopreneur is becoming a well known term since there are thousands of people around which get into that group! That’s lots of solopreneur company ideas to get encouraged by!

Not sure just what a solopreneur is? We talked about the differences between solopreneurs, freelancers and business owners right here.

So why the heck are countless people dumping corporate life and choosing to get it alone?

Could it be exactly about the benjamins?


Is it exactly about freedom?


Or do people simply hate visiting the company every day?


There’s no-one true reasons why folks elect to start solamente companies. Some choose this path since it’s a much better fit for their own families. Other people love the creative control they will have to be unique employer. Some choose this road for income possibilities. The “why” of getting solamente is always personal.

Solopreneur company some ideas you can look at

Let’s speak about the actual nitty-gritty: the “what”.

Like in, so what can you do for the solamente business? Exactly what are your alternatives to make a living working for your self and performing one thing you adore? Listed below are 5 solopreneur tips that’ll allow you to big bucks.

5 Solopreneur Business Ideas


Specialists or coaches specialize in a site or profession kind after which instruct other individuals tips achieve their certain niches.

There is absolutely no shortage of sectors where you could be an advisor or specialist. A fast Google search will highlight there are coaches and experts from everything to executive coaching to monetary consulting your coaching and every little thing in the middle.

For instance, Solo Biz Summit presenter, Yvonne Heimann is a company Efficiency Coach. She coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to maximize their performance in their businesses.

Edgar Blog Cta


Perhaps one of the most typical solopreneur instances is running a blog. Many people on the web will state blogging is lifeless but there are lots of expert bloggers who will say that blogging is live and kicking! Expert bloggers create an income away from their particular blogs through sponsored content, affiliate marketer links, brand partnerships or course or sales.

The actual quantity of earnings you can make from posting blogs different to exactly how much time you dedicate to it plus the size of your market. Blogger earnings can range from a hundred or so dollars per month to 6 numbers four weeks. (And indeed, you did review that sentence properly!! You can find bloggers whom earn 6 figures monthly on the blog sites!).

Course Creator

On the web courses, also referred to as the E-Learning industry (possibly quick for Edgar discovering? Not likely ? ) on the web courses are finding their method into every niche and industry together with industry is just growing. The e-learning business is projected to-be well worth $325 billion by 2025.Yes, this is certainly a billion with a B!

To become a course creator, you should be a professional in a particular niche, whether or not it’s knitting or finance or everything in the middle! Therefore want to build an audience of potential students. This article because of the Podia staff will help allow you to get begun if you’re enthusiastic about producing a course.

An example of a course creator is Solo Business Summit speaker, Amanda Bond. Amanda is a social media marketing and advertising expert just who scaled the woman company by attempting to sell web programs about Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Another course creator that Team Edgar really loves? Our creator Laura Roeder was a training course creator before producing MeetEdgar! Her course students motivated the woman generate MeetEdgar. We also offer updated versions of the woman programs inside Edgar University, the educational resource for Edgar users.

Ecommerce vendor

The world happens to be bitten utilizing the Amazon bug and love for ecommerce has actually led to a booming industry of sellers!

If you’re crafty or have a watch for product design, it is simple to develop an online shop. There are numerous tools and platforms you can use now to produce your store including Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce if not Amazon FBA.

And you don’t must concern yourself with warehouse or shipping! Numerous e-commerce business owners develop a dropshipping ecommerce business. Dropshipping is an e-commerce method where the seller does not hold any items in stock and alternatively transfers the sales into maker or wholesaler who then ships the product into the client right.


Podcasting is a relatively brand-new variety of solopreneur but it is getting an even more popular choice because of the min! Podcasters don’t earn money right out of the gate. Like bloggers and course creators, you ought to first develop an audience by regularly making great content.

Podcasting is a figures game while the number that new podcasters should view is the packages per episode. Normally it takes sometime to develop those listeners. Based on Libsyn, among the largest podcast hosts, only 7.1percent of podcasts get 5,000 packages per episode.

But it’s worth the effort to create the audience. Once you have your market, you could begin making income with adverts, live shows, merchandise plus by providing concert events. There are podcasters who make over six figures four weeks off of their podcasts.

Which solopreneur life do you want to choose?

These are merely several solo business ideas. And like we pointed out previous, self-employment is a choose-your-own-adventure. You don’t must simply stay in one lane. You can earn profit one or all of these methods!

Including, Solo Biz Summit Speaker, Mark Asquith earns cash as a podcaster and also as a podcast coach. Another Solo Biz Summit presenter, Shaunta Grimes, is a blogger and course creator.

The power of becoming a solopreneur is that you can hold adding revenue streams to your business and scale it and that means you tend to be increasing your earnings and doing work you adore without burning away.

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