Instagram’s looking to provide more transparency for creators with a new update to its in-app Account Status dashboard that will indicate whether your content is eligible to be recommended by its various systems, and will also provide pointers on how to rectify any issues on this front.

Instagram Account Status

As you can see in this example, Instagram’s adding a new element to Account Status which will show whether your content is eligible for recommendation, as normal, or if there’s an issue with anything that you’ve posted.

If you notice a yellow alert in your profile details, you can tap through to learn more, which will then display any content you’ve posted that goes against Instagram’s rules, along with an explainer of why it’s been deemed in violation of platform policy.

Here’s an overview of the new process from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, who’s beaming in from IG’s London HQ.

It’s a big step towards providing more transparency in Instagram’s process, and demystifying ‘shadowbans’, which could be a big help for those looking to ensure that they’re maximizing their opportunities in the app. Because you may well not be eligible for recommendations, and you may never know it – so now, if you see your reach drop, or if someone says that they’re not seeing your updates, you can check in here and ensure that everything’s as it should be.

And if everything is, then it’s just your content that’s not resonating. Which is a problem in itself, but not a technical one at least.

As noted, the features are part of Instagram’s Account Status dashboard, which it first launched last October, and has been rolling out to all users throughout the year. Instagram says that all users should now have access to the option, which will now also include these new indicators of content violations and reach impacts.