LinkedIn has launched a new, dedicated community for B2B marketers, with the LinkedIn Collective designed to ‘inspire excellence and success’ for B2B strategists specifically.

The community will be a central hub of sorts for B2B marketing discussion and knowledge sharing, with LinkedIn’s editorial team curating the best posts and updates.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“The Collective will offer groundbreaking thought leadership and content resources informed by LinkedIn data and insights, our team of experts, and leaders across the B2B marketing industry. With the Collective, we want to showcase what it looks like to build a content brand on LinkedIn, proper.”

Which is key to this new approach – according to Jim Habig, the Vice President of Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn is looking to further solidify its position as a content source, not just a repository of third-party updates and info.

Our new content brand is platform-first. That is, it will live, breathe and grow on LinkedIn. Some see LinkedIn purely as a distribution or promotional channel but we’re here to challenge this assumption. Our platform is more than that – it’s a thriving community of 850 million members that turn to us to help build their brands, foster connections and grow their communities.

As such, the new LinkedIn Collective is an experiment, of sorts, in establishing a publication home on-platform, with dedicated resources to help expand its presence, and bring more users to LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Linkedin Collective

Over the coming months, the LinkedIn Collective team will be looking to curate the best thought leadership on how B2B marketing should be done.

“We want to create a destination that propels that discourse forward and defines exactly why B2B marketing is different, how to do it well and how to move it into the future.

It’s an interesting experiment, as a marketing information resource in itself, but also in the wider scheme of LinkedIn, and how it’s looking to maximize user engagement, and become more of a destination space, where users spend even more of their time.

And with the platform continually posting ‘record levels’ of engagement, it’s clearly doing something right. This expansion of its own editorial approach could be a significant step in maximizing that attention.  

You can sign up to follow the new LinkedIn Collective here.