LinkedIn’s looking to help businesses that manage multiple accounts streamline their LinkedIn marketing process, with the public launch of its new Business Manager platform, which enables you to feed in multiple accounts and manage them all in one dashboard.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“LinkedIn Business Manager is a new platform that makes it easier for organizations to manage the people, ad accounts, Pages, and the businesses they work with from one place. For large advertisers and agencies that market across multiple ad accounts and Pages, Business Manager provides a central view of all your ad accounts and Pages and offers seamless control across them.”

The platform enables users to manage permissions and access, with a centralized listing of all connected profiles and users.

Linkedin Business Manager

You can also share Matched Audience data across ad accounts, providing a streamlined way to utilize custom audiences and related info across profiles.

Linkedin Business Manager

LinkedIn first announced the platform last month, in limited testing, but now, all businesses can access the new platform – though LinkedIn says that it’s still essentially in beta mode for now.

It could be a handy option for big brands and agencies, providing more management capacity and oversight in a simple dashboard, though, functionally, it’s not a major change. Most of the features here are available in different form – the new platform is more designed to bring everything together, and make it easier to manage your LinkedIn process.

You can access LinkedIn’s Business Manager platform here, while LinkedIn has also shared this overview of how to get started with the new app.

Linkedin Business Manager