Are you planning on running an event – either virtual or IRL?

LinkedIn could be a valuable supplementary channel for both the promotion, and even hosting of your events, with LinkedIn’s live events option gaining significant traction during the pandemic.

Indeed, LinkedIn says that the creation of live events has increased 150% year-over-year, and with virtual meet-ups of this type now being a more viable, accessible option, there may be additional avenues that you’d never even considered for your event hosting and marketing.

Which is the focus of this new guide from LinkedIn, which looks at how to run an effective event, and includes a heap of helpful pointers on how to choose the right format for your function, how to promote it to the right audience and more.

You can download LinkedIn’s 44-page Event Framework guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

As the title of the guide suggests, the main focus of the guide is LinkedIn’s new ‘Event Framework’ which is an overarching planning strategy for your event.

Linkedin Event Framework Guide

Each element of the framework is explored further in the guide, which is basically half dedicated to virtual events, and half to real-life meet-ups.

LinkedIn also provides some tips on how to decide on which is best:

Linkedin Event Framework Guide

The guide includes a range of valuable planning points and notes, including an overview of how to structure your event:

Linkedin Event Framework Guide

There are also specific pointers on how to maximize your event marketing approach:

Linkedin Event Framework Guide

And insights into what LinkedIn users want to see from them:

Linkedin Event Framework Guide

If you are thinking about running an event, it’s definitely worth a read, as there’s a heap of valuable notes which could help refine your strategy – even if you’re fairly confident that you know what you’re doing.

And many businesses are indeed considering their event options. Again, with the accessibility of virtual events, which are able to piggyback on the reach of LinkedIn, many more businesses are contemplating the potential, while two-thirds of event organizers surveyed by LinkedIn also indicated that they plan to continue running virtual events in the long term.

It’s a new dawn for events, with many more options at your disposal. And maybe, the additional brand-building and connective value of such could provide a big boost for your business.

You can download LinkedIn’s ‘Event Framework’ guide here.