Looking to map out your social media approach for the new year?

This will help – the team from Statusbrew have put together a new ‘social media holidays’ calendar for 2023, which highlights all the key dates and events that you might want to use for campaign tie-ins and messages throughout the year.

Statusbrew Holiday Planner

As you can see in this example, the calendar highlights all of the major days and celebratory events, which could be of relevance for your planning.

And there are always random days happening, which could provide some much-needed thematic inspiration for your posts.

Statusbrew Holiday Planner

And let’s face it – mapping out a year’s worth of content is hard, even for the most experienced social media pros.

These notes and tips could be hugely valuable in this respect, giving you the little nudges and prompts you need to help fill up your planner, while also reinforcing your brand messaging with relevant promotional events.

It’s a handy overview – you can download Statusbrew’s full 2023 social media holidays calendar here (with email sign-up), where you can also learn more about the listings, and what’s included.