Has your Facebook account ever been hacked? If it hasn’t, I bet you know someone whose has, with phishing attacks, in particular, on the rise as scammers look to capitalize on the increasing value of our online identities.

Because as time goes on, our social profiles are indeed more valuable to us, both as a connective and business tool, while hackers can also steal your data, share spam links with your connections, log into your Pages and more.

It’s a significant concern, and while the platforms are working to keep people safe, through the promotion of security tools like two-factor authentication and remote log-in codes, for every advance that they make, scammers also evolve their processes, in an endless game of cat and mouse – with your info as the stakes.

But which platforms do people feel more secure in, and which do they have the most concerns about in regards to account safety? The team from NordVPN recently surveyed over a thousand users to glean more insight into their hacking worries.

The data provides some interesting perspective on the state of online security – you can read the full report here.

Social Media Hacking Concerns Survey