You’re an expert on your focus subject, you’ve spent years researching and refining your knowledge, and you have valuable insights to share that could help others, while also helping to boost your business branding efforts online.

Putting together a book can be a great way to better establish your expertise and thought leadership, making you a go-to resource in your industry. And with so many self-publishing and promotion options now available, creating your own book is well within reach, and may be worth considering in your broader brand marketing approach.

But writing a book is one thing – getting people to actually be aware of it, and to buy a copy, is another challenge altogether.

That’s where this guide from Author Marketing Experts comes in. In the below graphic, the AME team have put together some helpful tips on how to maximize your book promotion via social media – with most of these lessons also applicable to marketing any product via social platforms.

There are some helpful hints to get you thinking – check out the infographic below.

Book Marketing Tips