As students prepare themselves for the start of the school year, TikTok has launched a new cyber safety awareness campaign to help educate youngsters on the dangers of online interaction, while it’s also expanded its work to help promote cybersecurity careers among under-represented communities.

First off, on its new cybersecurity push – TikTok has partnered with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to develop a new interactive Cybersecurity Toolkit for Individuals.

Tiktok Cyber Safety Program

The toolkit includes links to a range of apps and education resources on key cybersecurity concerns, which could be a great way to encourage people to be more proactive in monitoring for potential threats.

The apps, in particular, could be beneficial, with the GCA highlighting some important security tools that can help in your process.

Tiktok Cyber Safety Program

TikTok has also published a new one-page overview on how people can improve their online security process.

Tiktok Cyber Safety Program

As an extension of this, TikTok is also looking to raise awareness of cybersecurity jobs – and in particular, the need for more diverse representation in the cybersecurity industry.

As explained by TikTok:

“We believe it’s important to help bring representation into the cybersecurity industry through programs designed to diversify, educate, and empower. With over 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs unfilled across the fast-growing cybersecurity sector, TikTok is championing a new #SeeYourselfinCyber initiative from the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA).”

The program aims to connect more people from under-represented communities to jobs in cybersecurity, with a view to maximizing representation and resonance with all different user groups.

TikTok has been working to build stronger ties with the cybersecurity sector, with the platform also becoming a founding sponsor of the US Cyber Games last year. TikTok also promotes various cybersecurity career pushes and initiatives, with these combined efforts seemingly part of a broader push to better ingratiate itself with US security officials, and alleviate concerns around its data gathering processes.

Indeed, TikTok has also vowed to provide more open access to its algorithms and moderation processes, amid ongoing allegations that its systems are subject to manipulation by the Chinese Government. TikTok has repeatedly stated that this isn’t the case, but lingering concerns remain, and will likely continue so long as the CCP continues to butt heads with other regional authorities.

By pushing its own cybersecurity initiatives, that could be a way to soften this element, while also helping to promote cybersecurity jobs and encourage greater participation.