Looking to establish a more effective Twitter marketing strategy for the upcoming holiday push?

This will help – this week, Twitter has published a new overview of how utilizing various tweet ad combinations within your campaigns can help to maximize overall performance, no matter what your focus goal is in your efforts.

Twitter conducted over 350 brand studies, containing around 7,000 unique promoted Twitter Ads, to get a more definitive sense of the most effective combinations of ad formats.

Twitter’s separated the results into three focus goals:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Boosting purchase intent
  • Increasing brand favorability

Here’s what they found:

In terms of building brand awareness, Twitter says that a combination of an image with website button, video app with website button, and video with website button was the best performing approach.

Twitter Ad Combinations Research

Though that is, of course, for brands promoting an app – if you’re not promoting an app, a mixture of a single image, image website button, carousel image with website button, and video website button was ‘the magic formula, lifting brand awareness 7x versus the control group’.

In other words, utilizing a broader set of tweet ad options within a single campaign can deliver more resonant, impactful brand results, which is worth considering in your tweet approach.

In terms of enhancing purchase intent, Twitter says that a combination of Twitter Momentsorganic video, and a video with website button resulted in 5x purchase intent and consideration.

Twitter Ad Combinations Research

And finally, in terms of increasing brand favorability, Twitter says that utilizing an image-based poll, along with an image with website button, saw a 3.2x increase in perception.

Twitter Ad Combinations Research

I mean, of course Twitter wants you to use more of its ad options, and spend more money on your tweet campaigns. But as you can see in these overview images, some combinations have simply proven more effective than others in driving the desired response, even if they don’t involve more elements, which is worth considering in your Twitter marketing approach.

Will that guarantee that you see similar results? Absolutely not, as there are other variables to consider, including creative elements, your unique audience, your offers, etc.

These aren’t definitively effective approaches, but they may provide some additional guidance in your planning.

You can read Twitter’s full effective ad combinations overview here.